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  • Cold war , New releases

    M113 ACAV

    Cavalry assault version of the M113 with 50cal turret and waist gunners made famous in the Vietnam war. A field improvisation the developed into a standard kit.

  • New releases , scale 10mm

    Soviet Maxim gun teams

    The main sustained fire machine gun of the Soviet army in WW2 and an iconic design. 3 teams of 3

  • Cold war , Germany

    M48 Bridgelayer, bridge only

    The 18m bridge could carry 60t and was later upgraded to 70t.  This is the bridge only

  • Germany , New releases

    Hannomag SdKfz 251/1 Rocket launcher

    251/1 halftrack fitted with wurframen rocket launcher racks able to fire a devistating if inaccurate barrage of 6x 40cm  rockets. This was a simple addition to the basic APC half track. Nicknamed “stuka zu fuss” or walking stuka


  • Germany , New releases

    Hannomag SdKfz 251/9 ausf D, 75mm gun halftrack

    The Hannomag 251/9 ausf D, 75mm gun half track, nicknamed “Stummel” used by the heavy weapons company to give supporting artillery fire.

  • Germany , New releases

    Hannomag SdKfz 251/7 ausf D, Pioneer Halftrack

    The Hannomag 251/7 ausf D half track designed to transport engineers forward under fire to overcome obstacles and fortifications. The D model was produced in quantity from 1943-5.

    Model comes with crew and bridges

  • Germany , New releases

    Hannomag SdKfz 251/1 ausf D Half track and passengers

    The Hannomag 251/1 ausf D half track was a mid war development, designed to reduce production time and costs while still transporting a 10 man Panzer Grenadier squad into battle protected against bullets and shell splinters.

    This model represents the standard 251/1 troop transport. There where 22 variants built to cover many specialist roles such as anti tank, artillery and engineering. …

  • Cold war , New releases

    76mm ZIS-3 Divisional gun and crew (1x gun deployed, 1x gun on tow)

    Manufactured from 1941 the ZIS-3 divisional gun gave admirable service during WW2 and the Korean and Vietnam wars. It was significantly lighter than other contempory designs and proved a capable AT gun and artillery piece.


  • New releases , scale 10mm

    SEEP Amphibious jeep x1 on land and x1 waterline

    Approximately 3000 amphibious jeeps were constructed during WW2, they were used by the US army in North africa and Italy but proved unpopular due to their size and weight. Most were sent to the USSR under the lend-leasse scheme. The Soviet army liked them as the east had poorly maintained roads and many water ways to cross. The Soviet union …

  • Cold war , Great Britain

    Giant Viper mine clearing trailer

    Giant Viper mine clearing system was able to rapidly clear a path through a mine field 7m wide by 200m long. The trailer unit could be towed behind the Centurion AVRE, FV432 APC or CET (Combat Engineering Tractor).

  • Cold war , Great Britain

    Centurion AVRE 165

    The Centurion AVRE served from 1963 to 1997 as an armoured assault vehicle for the Royal Engineers. The 165mm demolition gun was design to destroy buildings and bunkers with it’s 60lb HESH round, its dozer blade for constructing ramps, firing pits or clearing obstacles
    The front tray carries a pipe “fascine” for filling in trenches. It could also tow the Giant …

  • New releases , scale 10mm

    Soviet tank riders

    Due to a lack of armoured transport for Soviet infantry in support of tanks, troops took to riding into battle on the back of the tanks. They would descend from the tanks into combat with the enemy. This pack contains 6 clusters of troops riding into battle (tanks not included)

  • New releases , scale 10mm

    Soviet Assault Engineers WW2 (x10)

    Soviet assault engineers where specialists trained to overcome fortifications and defences. They characteristically wore heavy steel body armour to protect them from shrapnel and SMG bullets. 10 figures from 3 poses; flamethrower, satchel charge and SMG.


  • Cold war , Great Britain

    FV432 Engineer’s APC with Ranger and Bar minelayers

    British Engineers mine laying APC with Ranger scatter mine projector and Barmine laying plough. These would be used to quickly lay a minefield ahead of an advancing enemy, to blocking or delay their advance.


  • Cold war , France

    Unimog Light truck

    The Unimog 404 was produced from 1955-1980 with 36,000 being used by the Bundeswehr over that time.  This successful 4×4 truck with legendary off road capability was used by many armies across the globe including Syrian forces during the Arab-Israeli conflicts. It’s has been seen in many “Bush” wars and been converted to a “technical” by mounting machine guns and …

  • New releases , scale 10mm

    Soviet SMG sections, WW2 (x20)

    As World War 2 progressed the Soviet Union began to deploy companies and sometimes whole Battalions equiped with SMGs such as the PPSH, replacing all rifles. This gave such units tremendous firepower at close range. Squads still retained the DP28 LMG to give supporting fire.   20 figures are picked from 7 poses to form approximately 2 sections.

  • Cold war , Germany

    West German Infantry/Panzer Grenadiers 1960-80s (x20)

    West German Infantry wearing US pattern M1 Helmet and US style uniform with German webbing. Equiped with the G3 rifle, MG3, Panzerfaust2 and UZI, They represent troops in light order and are suitable as Infantry or Panzer Grenadiers of the 60s,70s and 80s.   20 figures are picked from 7 poses to form approximately 2 sections.

  • Cold war , Germany

    Spahpanzer Luchs – Armoured car

    The Luchs or Lynx long ranged armoured car entered service in 1975. Fast and fully amphibious the Lynx was the eyes of the West German Panzer units up until 2009. It could be driven backwards as fast as forwards with the radioman operating as auxilery driver

  • Germany , New releases

    SdKfz 250/1 Neu Light Half track – leaders vehicle

    The Sdkfz 250/11 replaced the 37mm “door knocker” with the high velocity 28mm AT gun and was used by platoon leaders


  • Germany , New releases

    SdKfz 250/8 Neu Light Half track “stummel”

    The Sdkfz 250/8  light half track with short 75mm gun, developed as a support vehicle for recconaisance units.


  • Cold war , Germany

    M48 AVLB Bridgelayer

    The M48 AVLB was developed in the 1950s as an assault bridge layer for US armour and remained in production until 1960.  The 18m bridge could carry 60t and was later upgraded to 70t.  This is a multi part kit requires some skill to assemble. The M48 AVLB was used by the US army and many allies such as West …

  • Cold war , New releases

    M60 A1/A3

    The M60 A3 was the last of the Patton line of tanks developed from the 1940s. The exterior was almost indistinguishable from the A1. This final model had thicker armour and included laser rangefinder, thermal imaging and fire control computer. It still used the tried and tested 105mm gun. Production began in 1978 with units in Europe recieving the first …

  • Great Britain , scale 10mm

    Half Track M9A1

    The M9A1 was produced under the Lend -Lease programe.  2500 were produced from 1943-5 with 1000 going to the USSR and the rest to Commonwealth nations. It wass used by mechnised infantry as troop transport and as a tow vehicle for 6pdr and 17pdr AT guns. It is unclear how many vehicles received 50 cal guns but the Russian vehicles …

  • Cold war , Middle East wars

    2S3 Akatsiya 152mm SPG

    The 2S3 entered service with the Soviet Army in 1971 going on to serve with most of the Wasaw Pact armoured divisions  with over 2000 produced.

    The D20 152 artillery peice was mated with a the mobile GM chasis and 520hp engine, allowing it to keep pace with Armoured formations. Unlike many soviet designs the 2S3 was not amphibious. The design …