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  • Cold war , Great Britain

    Fox FV721 Armoured car

    British wheeled reconaisaince armoured car. A development on from the successful Ferret series. Tthe Fox was less popular due to it’s height, making it harder to conceal and problems with instability. In service 1974 -94. Exported to Nigeria and Malawi

  • Cold war , New releases

    LUAZ 467 Amphibious jeep (x2)

    This “bath-tub” type amphibious runabout was used across Warsaw Pact forces, especially airborne units. It could be used for: casualty evacuation (2 stretcher cases), scouting or liaison duties. It has a central driving position with 2 folding seats behind, but can be seen loaded with 5 troops.  A similar concept to the American amphibious jeep and VW 166 Schwimmwagen.

    2 models …

  • Cold war , Great Britain

    Rapier SAM system (2 launchers 1 firing post)

    Rapier system has been in service since 1971, it saw use in the Falklands conflict. The 2 launchers can be assembled* ready to launch or in towing position.  The is one firing post with the gunner and commander.  This represents the 1980 version.

    This is a multi-part model*


  • Cold war , Great Britain

    British gun crews (3×3 figures)

    Gun crew for British artillery, suitable for the 105mm Light weight (Gun not included).

  • Cold war , Great Britain

    FV432 FOX turret

    British fully tracked APC in service from early 1960 to present day. This version depictes the rare FOX turret conversion used by recon. units of Berlin brigade. The 30mm Rarden cannon gave the APV significantly more punch, but the conversion was not popular. ( for accuracy the comanders coupola should be filled flat as this was removed and plated over).

  • Cold war , Great Britain

    FV432 APC with PEAK turret

    British fully tracked APC in service from early 1960 to present day. This version depictes the popular PEAK engineering MG turret which allowed the APC to support infantry while staying under cover. Some units had all PEAK armed vehicles others mixed them with regular APCs

  • Cold war , New releases

    KMT-5 Mine roller

    Soviet forces were equiped with mine clear equipment at company level, 1 in 10 tanks having it’s own mine clearing roller/plough. This model represents the KMT-5 model which was developed in the 1950s and is sill in use in various forms. The model can be used with Red3’s T54/55, T62 or T64 (tank models not included)

  • Cold war , New releases

    Soviet Paratroopers 1960-80s (x20)

    Soviet Paratroopers suitable for the 1960-80s. These are wearing berets and armed with: Folding stock AK rifle, PK MG and RPG-7. the 20 figures are picked from 8 poses to form approximately 2 sections. There is also a radioman and observer. They could also be used as Spetsnaz special forces.

  • Cold war , Israeli

    M106 Mortar carrier

    Based on the M113 Fully tracked APC, the M106 was armed with the M30 107mm mortar. It entered service in 1964, was used by US forces in Vietnam and remained in service until the late 1980s. Over a 2000 built, other opperators include Egypt, Libya and Morocco.


    deveVulcan 20mm gatling cannon is capable of 4000 rpm. The turret is powered and …

  • Cold war , New releases

    BRM-K1 (Recce BMP-1 with radar)

    Based on the BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, this reconnaissance vehicle has built in ground radar and a extra radio equipment. A larger turret with a manualy loaded GROM 73mm gun. This new turret allowed room for the commanded and better optics. The crew consist of: Driver, gunner commander and 3 technicians.

  • Cold war , New releases

    MT-LB “Storm” ATGM carrier

    Using the “Spiral” ATGM this vehicle has autoloading system where the firing post folds back into the body collecting a missile from the internal magazine, then returns to the firing position. This give the vehicle a very low profile. Based on the MT-LB multipurpose chasis. Used by the Soviet Union and Warsaw pact forces

  • Cold war , Germany

    Leopard 1 A3/A4

    Mid production Leopard 1 with up armoured welded turret. The mainstay of the Bundeswher from mid 1970s to late 1980s. The better armoured A3 featured more sophisticated fire control and vision systems. It still the L7 105mm gun. Many Leopard 1 users bought this design or had older vehicles remanufacturered to this standard.  It still remains in service with many …

  • Cold war , Germany

    Leopard 1 A1

    Early production Leopard 1 with cast turret. The mainstay of the Bundeswher from 1965 – 1980s. Lightly armoured and very agile, with a powerful L7 105mm gun. This design was exported to Holland, Belgium, Denmark,  Canada and Austrialia.  It still remains in service with many nations around the world.

  • Cold war , Middle East wars

    Gopher/9K35 SAM system

    Strela 10 missile system version of the MT-LB, this started to replace the Strella BRDM-2 from 1976.  It had an improved missile sytem,  better cross country performance and larger missile capacity. This tracked hull allowed the SAM system to keep pace with armoured units. They are normaly paired with the Shilka SPAAG

    Used by the Wasaw pact and many international customers

  • Cold war , Middle East wars

    MT-LB APC & Artillery tractor

    Multi-function vehicle used as: an APC, Command post and tractor for T12 AT gun and 120mm Mortar. The would be the normal tractor in armoured units and BMP bases infantry formations. As an APC it could carry 2 crew and upto 11 passengers. It mounts a single MG for defence

  • Cold war , New releases


    The T64 represented a major technical advance with it’s small size and very low profile with heavy armour. The autoloader reduced the crew to 3. A powerful smoothbore 125mm gun with sophisticated fire control, some versions were able to launch the Kobra ATGM from the gun. It was also the first soviet tank to have a powerful compact multifuel powerpack. …

  • Cold war , Great Britain

    British really useful specialists pack

    Realy useful British specialists: Snipers in ghillie suit x2, Blowpipe SAM gunner x1, Laser designator opperator x1 , spotter with binos x1, 51mm mortarman x1. These can be used on there own or mixed in with regular infantry and command figures depending on your rules and preferances


  • Cold war , Great Britain

    British WOMBAT 120mm RR (x3)

    The 120mm WOMBAT Recoiless Rifle was a powerful medium ranged AT weapon developed in the 1950s.  These could be towed or carried portee on Land Rovers and Snow Tracs. They were retained by the Berlin Brigade into the 1990s as they were considered more suitable than missiles in a built up area. (does not include land rover)

    *Model will replace the …

  • Cold war , Great Britain

    British Command teams (officer x6 radiomen x4)

    The British officer figures and radiomen, these can be used as is, or mixed in with other figures.


  • Cold war , New releases

    Soviet Command teams (officer x6 radiomen x4)

    The Soviet officer figure and radioman, these can be used as is, or mixed in with other figures.


  • Cold war , Great Britain

    Spartan with CMT (Compact Milan Turret) FV120

    Armoured personel carrier ungraded with a 2 missile Milan turret. The turret replacing the roof hatch. Converted in the late 1980s. These saw action in the 1st Gulf war.

  • Cold war , Great Britain

    British Milan ATGM teams (x3)

    These represent the 2nd generation ATGM similar to the Soviet Spigot and US TOW systems. These missiles were used by Britsh forces in the 1982 Falklands conflict to clear bunkers.

  • Cold war , Great Britain

    British infantry 81mm Mortar teams (x3)

    British infantry support teams, Mk4 helmet , 81mm L16 Mortar,  suitable 1960-80s (12 items)

  • Cold war , Great Britain

    British Infantry sustained fire GPMG teams (x3)

    British infantry teams with the tripod mounted sustained fire General Pupose Machine Gun