NAM 1980 britsh soldiers
Britisn infantry of the 1970-80, Mortars AA and MG teams – masters mostly completed

Soviet era Motor rifle troops with AKs, RPG and SVD sharpshooter

Soviet motor rifle c1980 to include mortars, AA and SF MG
ZU 23-2 towed and firing – masters completed off to casting for June release

Models that are on the back burner but started

  • Engineering and bridging equipment –
  • Centurion AVRE, SovietBMK-130 River/tug boat for PMP bridge system
  • Britsh and Soviet Airborne infantry, BMD-1, Land Rover 1/2t and 1t vehicles
  • Cold War German forces – Leopard 1 (Dutch, Danish and Canadians)

Under consideration?

Unimog, Mine roillers for T-55/62, D30 guns