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    • Britain, Cold War 1945-1991

      FV510 Warrior IFV

      British fully tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle designed to carry troops into combat under armour. Entered service in 1985 and has seen action in the Gulf, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Armed with the 30mm RARDEN cannon for support and protection. Crew 3+7


    • United States, Cold War 1945-1991

      M2 Bradley IFV

      The M2 Bradley introduced in 1982, a Mechanised Combat Vehicle able to transport infantry under armour and support them in action. Equipped with 25mm chain gun and TOW missile system. This represents the early versions with spaced armour and crew gun ports. Crew 3+6. *The early  M3 Cavalry version was almost indistinguishable (the vision blocks above the firing ports where …

    • United States, Cold War 1945-1991

      M1A1 Abrams (120mm)

      This development of the M1 replaced the 105mm gun with the German designed 120mm L44 smoothbore gun. This version entered service in 1986 with its distinctive longer turret.

      It had improved armour, gunnery, NBC protection and ammunition storage. These served with distinction in the 1st Gulf war.

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      SA-6 Gainful/Kub SAM

      The Kub missile system was extremely advanced at its introduction in 1966. The system was mobile and able to keep pace with armoured units providing a medium ranged anti-aircraft sheild over units. These caused the Israelis great difficulty during the Yom Kippur war and became prime targets.

    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      BMD-2 Paratrooper MICV

      Soviet air transportable Mechanisned Infantry Combat Vehicle. This unique lightweight aluminium vehicle was built for the Soviet Paratroop Force or VDV.  The second version was introduced in 1985 armed with a 30mm cannon and 2nd generation ATGM. It could be lifted by helicopter or parachuted into action with the crew! Crew 2+6

    • Arab States 1948-1991

      Jordanian Command teams (5x officers and Radiomen)

      10 figures to make up command teams or mixed with other packs to create observers, signals etc.

    • Arab States 1948-1991

      Jordanian 3 inch Mortar teams x3

      Jordanian crews in traditional head dress with the British 3″ mortar


    • Israel 1948 - 1991 , United States, Cold War 1945-1991

      MIM 72 Chaparral SAM

      The MIM 72 Chaparral SAM system was based on the M548 transporter. These entered survice in the 1969. The missile was developed from the succesful Sidewider air to air missile. These worked in teams with the M163 VADS cannon sytem to cover short and medium  ranges. Used by West Germany and Israel, the system was withdrawn from US service in …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      GAZ69 jeep with BA-10 RR(x2)

      Soviet built 4×4 “jeep” widely used throughout the Soviet block and allied nations. Produced from 1952 to 1975 and still in service in the 80s, Used as a mobile anti tank weapon with the BA-10 recoiless rifle  (2 models included)

    • West Germany 1945-1991

      Marder Roland

      The Roland Anti-aircraft missile system was developed jointly by France and Germany Germany chose to mount the system on the FlaRakPz 1 or Marder. The Marder MICV chassis meant it was able to keep pace with panzer units. The vehicle carries 10 missiles in total with automatic reloading from the hull. Crew 3

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      Zil 131 truck

      Soviet truck designed and built in 1964 and produced until 2012. Used as general cargo and tractor unit for artillery. Many specialist versions such as radar, communications and rocket artillery have been built. This rugged 6×6 truck is capable of carrying 5t off road or much more on good surfaces. It has been widely exported around the globe. Many specialist …

    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      T-72 b Kontact

      The T72 B was fitted with “Kontact” Explosive Reactive Armour to increase protection. This version started to appear in the mid 1980s.  (Can be built with commander out or buttoned up).

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      122mm Gun D30 (1x towed 1x deployed)

      The Soviet D30 122mm gun has been produced from 1960 to the present. The D30 has a distinctive 3 leg base and is towed by the barrel. This gun has proved rugged and popular, still in use with many Nations around the globe. ( 1 deployed with 3 crew and 1 in towing configuration).

    • Arab States 1948-1991

      Egyptian supply carts (x2)

      Supply carts developed by Egypt to support the leading troops as they crossed the Suez Canal in 1973. approximately 2000 of these were constructed. Each cart allowed 2 men to haul up to 350kg of Weapons, food, ammunition and water to front line 1-3 miles from the Canal until bridges could be put in place. These are very similar to …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      Eastern-bloc assault boats (x2)

      An Eastern-bloc assault boat that could be paddled or pulled across rivers and water obstacles. These and other designs were used by Egypt to cross the Suez canal in 1973, very similar to WW2 designs, a simple 1 part inflated hull ( 2x boat with 6 crew )

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      UAZ 452 Van “the loaf”

      Soviet van produced from the 1965 to the present. A successful multipurpose 4×4  used as ambulance, maintainace truck, military police and general transport. Nicnamed “the loaf” for it’s shape or “the Pill” in the case of the Ambulance.

    • Britain, Cold War 1945-1991

      Samaritan Ambulance FV104

      Ambulance based on the CVRT range of light fast vehicles introduced to replace armoured cars in the British army from 1973. The Samaritan can carry 4 stretcher cases and 2 crew.  Hignly mobile, the Samaritan is normally attached to armoured units.

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      BTS-2 Armoured Recovery Vehicle

      Development from the T54/55 hull the BTS-2 entered service in the late 1950s. The turret was replaced with a powerful winch and a rear spade to anchor the vehicle. There was load carrying platform for transporting parts and tools. A simple 3t crane could be erected for lifting jobs. Includes spare engine and oil change!

    • Britain, Cold War 1945-1991

      Centurion 20pdr, Austrailian

      The iconic Austrailian version of the Centurion, these saw service in Vietnam and were modified for jungle fighting. The Bazooka plates where removed, extended range fuel tank, extra wheels fixed to glacis to help against RPGs

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Other Nations

      Pickup truck, 1970-80s Japanese utility vehicle (x2)

      The low cost and legendary reliability of Japanese pickup trucks has made them the transport and light support vehicle of choice across Africa and the Middle east. These appear in photographs in regular and irregular forces, armed with everything from an LMG to Helicopter rocket pods. These can be made into “technicals” by mixing with the Russian ZU 23-2 AA …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Israel 1948 - 1991

      BTR-50 PB Waterline vesion

      Waterlined version of the amphibious armoured personnel carrier. The BTR-50 could swim with minimal preparation and offered crew and passengers protection from small arms fire and shell splinters. Used by Warsaw Pact forces and allies. These saw action on both sides in the 1973 Yom Kippur war.

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      PT-76(b) Amphibious Tank – waterline version

      A waterlined version of the PT-76 amphibious tank. Used by Warsaw Pact forces, including Marines. These saw action in the Middle east in 1973 crossing the Bitter lake and at Ben Het , one of the few tank actions of the Vietnam war.

      Introduced in 1951 and still in service around the world

    • Britain, Cold War 1945-1991

      Land Rover 101 Ambulance

      Approximately 200 of the The Land Rover FC101 supplied to the Britsh army where converted to Ambulances. It could carry 4 stretcher cases and 1 attendant


    • Accessories , Germany 1939-45

      Tobruk bunker (x2)

      These simple prefabricted MG bunkers where developed by Germany in WW2 and used throughout the middle-east and european campaigns

      For games or dioramas (x2)