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    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Britain, Cold War 1945-1991

      Scorpion FV101

      The Alvis Scorpion was the first of the CVRT range of light fast vehicles introduced to replace armoured cars in the British army from 1973. With it’s high speed and accurate 76mm gun the Scorpion acted as the eyes of the army. In the 1980s it began to be supplimented and eventually replaced by the Scimitar and Sabre  in British …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      ZSU-23-4 SHILKA

      The ZSU 23-4 Shilka came as a shock to NATO on it’s introduction in 1965. The Shilka was an automated all weather SPAAG that would prove devastating to low flying aircraft. The 4x23mm cannon able to deliver upto 4000rpm  would also go on to prove effective in the ground support role. Successfully exported to many nations around the world and …

    • Britain, Cold War 1945-1991

      Landrover WOMBAT

      In the 1960s the landrover was adapted to carry the powerful 120mm WOMBAT anti-tank gun. In continued in service even after the introduction of anti tank missiles up until the 1980s as a reserve weapon. It also remained in service with the Berlin Brigade, as ATGM were of limited use in built up areas.

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      GAZ69 jeep (x2)

      Soviet built 4×4 “jeep” widely used throughout the Soviet block and allied nations. Produced from 1952 to 1975 and still in service in the 80s, Used in a similar way to the US jeep. Functions inluded: command transport, recon. FO, casualty evacution and support weapon transport. (2 models included)

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      MTU-55 Bridge only

      This is the bridge only, it allows a second bridge to be assembled in the open or closed position.

      a multipart kit requiring some modelmaking skill.

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991


      Armoured scissor bridge built on the T55 chassis. Used by most Warsaw Pack nations and Soviet supported nations. Used by Syria in the Golan attack in 1973.

      The tank can be built with the bridge folded or as 2 seperate items, bridge and tank.

      This is a multipart kit requiring some modelmaking skill

    • Arab States 1948-1991

      B-10 82mm Recoiless Rifle, Arab

      Soviet 82mm recoiless rifle. It was introduced into service 1954 and supplied to many nations. This lightweight support weapon was used by infantry to fire HE and HEAT rounds

      Pack contains 3 weapons

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      PMP pontoon bridge, Kraz Truck

      Soviet Pontoon or Ribbon Bridge, this innovative design was notably used by Egyptian engineers to bridge the Suez Canal during the Yom Kippur war of 1973. The 150m wide canal was bridged in 2 hrs using this system, allowing tanks to cross. The massive all-terrain Kraz trucks were used in many other functions including artillery tractor and heavy transport. The …

    • Israel 1948 - 1991

      M51 Super Sherman 105L44

      Israeli development of the Sherman using a modified French 105mm gun from the AMX30 MBT and more powerful US diesel engine. These saw action in the 6 day war(1967) and Yom Kippur (1973) they proved capable of defeating much more modern Soviet armour

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      GAZ 66 truck

      Soviet truck first designed and built in 1966, since then almost 1 million have been produced until production ceased in 1999. This rugged 4×4 truck has been exported around the globe with many specialist versions including paratrooper and  rocket artillery versions. Truck payload 2 tons. Model can be built open or with canvas back

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991


      Soviet Infantry Fighting Vehicle deployed in 1967. It was first used in combat in the 1973 Yom Kippur war by Egypt and Syria with mixed results. It gave infantry armoured transport and close support with it’s unique 73mm GROM gun and longer range tank defence with the Sagger missile system. To keep the vehicle amphibious the armour had to remain …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991


      Post war Soviet AA tank. Intended to keep pace with armoured units, the manualy aimed clear weather system soon became out dated by the development of high speed jets in the 1960s. But the twin hard hitting 57mm guns often found use as ground support and still proved deadly against slow flying aircraft. This versatile rugged weapon has remained in …

    • Israel 1948 - 1991

      Israeli Paratroop AT 106mm jeep (x2)

      The M38 Jeep fitted with the American 106mm recoiles gun was used by IDF forces as a mobile support weapon and to provide light forces such as Paratroopers with a stand off anti-tank weapon.

    • Israel 1948 - 1991

      Israeli Paratroop recce jeep (x2)

      The M38 Jeep was widely used by IDF forces as a recon and liaison vehicle. Often seen with the windscreen removed and a camo net across the bonnet for rapid use. There could carry several MGs for defence or hit and run attacks.

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      T62 MBT

      Excellent tank developed from the T54, this tank incorporated the first 115mm smooth bore gun, a technology since copied by most nations. It has taken part in most cold war conflicts since its introduction in 1962. The T62 was widely exported and is still in reserve in Russia.

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      BTR-60 Command

      8×8 Soviet command vehicle with telescopic radio mast and communications suite. Designed to protect the crew from artillery fragments and small arms fire. Providing fully amphibious transport that could keep up with armoured units

    • Britain, Cold War 1945-1991

      Chieftain Mk5

      The Chieftain tank was an icon the 60s & 70s. A huge, deadly, and tough tank. It suffered from unreliabilty issues and low power but still proved a potent machine. Serving with the UK, Iran and Jordan


    • Israel 1948 - 1991

      M3 Half track APC

      Israeli development of the American M3/M5 half track with ball mount MG for the commander, many were heavily upgunned with .50 cal and even 20mm cannons

    • Germany 1939-45

      Panzer IV 2F

      The Panzer IV German medium tank was designed in 1930s with a functional layout still found on many tanks today. In service 1941-5, some examples still found on the battlefield in 1970s

    • Israel 1948 - 1991

      IDF Infantry

      Regular IDF infantry wearing US M1 helmet, in light marching order with mixed weapons including FN FAL, LMGs, Uzi and Anti tank team ( 20 figures) suitable 1960-80s

    • Israel 1948 - 1991

      M3 SS11

      French designed SS11 ATGM mounted on Israeli developed M3 halftrack

    • Israel 1948 - 1991

      Centurion Shot Kal

      Israeli purchased many Centurion tanks in the 1950s, they soon developed improved versions based on their experience. The Shot Kal used a much more economic American deisel engine increasing range and reducing the risk of fire

    • Arab States 1948-1991

      T54e Egyptian upgrade 1970s

      T54 upgraded with German and Yugoslav optics in mid 1970s; with laser rangefinder and night vision equipment, Model now comes with fuel drums


    • Arab States 1948-1991

      Sagger ATGM teams x5

      Egyptian Sagger “suitcase” anti tank missile teams. These can be used for most Arab nations 1960-80s