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    • France, Cold War 1945-91 , Netherlands

      120mm RT Mortar (1x towed 1x firing)

      French 120mm RT heavy mortar, a rifled mortar capable of accurate fire out to 8km. In service with many nations including France, Netherlands, Belgium and the USA. The mortar is towed by locking a hitch into its barrel. (1x towed 1x firing with crew)

    • France, Cold War 1945-91 , Netherlands

      AMX 13-105 light tank

      Introduced in 1957 the AMX 13-105 light tank was sold to the Netherlands (1961-83)and Argentina. The CN-105mm gun gave the AMX significantly more punch and wider selection of Ammunition. Crew 3

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Britain, Cold War 1945-1991

      Unimog 404 Light truck

      The Unimog 404 was produced from 1955-1980 with 36,000 for the Bundeswehr. This successful 4×4 truck was used by many armies including Syrian forces during the Arab-Israeli conflicts. It’s has been seen in many “Bush” wars as a “technical” by mounting machine guns and cannon. Other users include: France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and the UK


    • France, Cold War 1945-91 , Israel 1948 - 1991

      AMX 13-75 light tank

      Introduced in 1952 the AMX 13-75 light tank was used by the French army until the 1980s going through several updates. Other users include: Israel, Nederlands, Belgium, India, Morocco, Lebanon, Peru and Venezuela. Features included; Autoloader for the gun which held 12 rounds in the turret bustle this allowed the crew to be reduced to 3. The gun was rigidly …

    • France, Cold War 1945-91

      Citroen 2CV “technical”

      A somewhat doubtful support vehicle for Viet Cong forces in Vietnam, A light weight and light hearted French car fitted with a Soviet 12.7mm HMG. It featured breifly and explosively in “Apocalypse now” so it must be true….