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    • Arab States 1948-1991New releases

      Irregular infantry, Civilian clothes (20 figs)

      Since the beginning of modern conflict irregular troops have featured, either labelled terrorist or freedom fighter. Some operate in support of government, some for themselves. They carry the ubiquitous AK and light support weapons, they wear head coverings and everyday civilian clothes. These troops would not look out of place on many modern battlefields.

    • Arab States 1948-1991Other Nations

      Pickup truck, 1970-80s Japanese utility vehicle (x2)

      The low cost and legendary reliability of Japanese pickup trucks has made them the transport and light support vehicle of choice across Africa and the Middle east. These appear in photographs in regular and irregular forces, armed with everything from an LMG to Helicopter rocket pods. These can be made into “technicals” by mixing with the Russian ZU 23-2 AA …