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    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      BTR-60 PB

      8×8 Soviet APC used by Motor rifle regiments to protect infantry from artillery fragments and small arms fire. Providing fully amphibious transport for up to 14 men and 3 crew

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991


      Post war Soviet APC. Cheap, simple and rugged; this APC was popular with many developing nations throughout the cold war. Seated infantry available seperately

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      T55b (NCB,IR)

      Development of the successful T54 tank which included NBC protection and IR night vision. Many T54 tanks where upgraded to this standard in their lifetimes. Used by all warsaw pack nations and many allies across the world. Used extensively in the Arab Israeli wars, at one point Israeli captured so many it was able to form battalions armed with captured …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Israel 1948 - 1991

      T54 mid

      Ground breaking Soviet post war medium tank still to be found in service around the world. Used by all Warsaw pack forces and many allies around the globe. Took part in the Arab Israeli conflict. At one point Israel had so many captured vehicles they were able to form units. They named them Tirans. The Tirans would be steadily improved …

    • Soviet Union WW2 , Arab States 1948-1991


      With it’s powerful 100mm D10S gun this late war tank destroyer went on to take part in many postwar conflicts up to the 1970s including the 6 Day War and Yom Kippur