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  • Cold war , Israeli

    M106 Mortar carrier

    Based on the M113 Fully tracked APC, the M106 was armed with the M30 107mm mortar. It entered service in 1964, was used by US forces in Vietnam and remained in service until the late 1980s. Over a 2000 built, other opperators include Egypt, Libya and Morocco.


    deveVulcan 20mm gatling cannon is capable of 4000 rpm. The turret is powered and …

  • Cold war , Israeli

    M163 Vulcan Air Defence System

    Based on the M113 Fully tracked APC, the Vulcan 20mm gatling cannon is capable of 4000 rpm. The turret is powered and has a radar rangefinder but realies on operator skill and clear weather to hit aircraft targets, difficult with modern jets. Used in the Veitnam war and the Isreali invasion of Lebonon this system could be leathal as a …

  • Cold war , Great Britain

    Light Gun 105mm L118 (1x firing 1x towing position)

    The Light gun was designed as a replacement for the 25pdr field gun. It has a unusual barrel forward towing system that creates a compact and stable trailer. The weapon can fire at extreme elevations and has been updated with sophisticated fire control systems. Used by 18 nations armed forces including the USMC

  • Aircraft (1/144) , Cold war

    A4e Skyhawk fighter bomber

    The Skyhawk was developed as a tough compact carrier fighter bomber. It was loved for its easy handling and flexibility. Introduced in 1954 it served the USMC in Vietnam where its huge contribution was overshadowed by the more glamorous aircraft.  This version also served with Israel and Argentina. Approximately 3000 manufactured.

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  • scale 10mm , USA

    M7 Priest 105mm SPG

    American SPG based on the M3/M4 tank hull combined with the 105mm howitzer. This was used by many nations during WW2, the Korean war and the Middle east

  • scale 10mm , USA

    M17 AA halftrack

    AA halftrack used by many Allied forces during WW2 including? USSR

  • Cold war , scale 10mm


    Fully tracked APC in use world wide since 1960.

  • Cold war , scale 10mm

    M48A5 Patton

    M48A5 Developed by the US after Arab Israeli War experience. Improved 105mm gun based on the British L7 and low profile cupola. Used by many nations.

  • Cold war , scale 10mm

    M48A3 Patton 90mm

    Early M48 with 90mm gun

  • Cold war , scale 10mm

    Dodge WC 58 Radio car

    3/4t light truck fitted with radio, used by HQ units and recon.

  • Cold war , scale 10mm

    Dodge WC 51 canvas

    3/4 t Multi purpose light truck, over 180,000 built during WW2

  • Cold war , scale 10mm

    Dodge GMC 6×6 Radio Truck

    WW2 radio truck used for HQ communications

  • Cold war , scale 10mm

    Dodge GMC 6×6 canvas

    US 3t transport truck and tow vehicle? used by many nations up to the 1970s

  • Great Britain , scale 10mm

    Sherman V 75mm

    American lend lease tank used by Britsh and other Allied forces, also issued to the USMC in the pacific.

  • Cold war , Great Britain

    Sherman 5c Firefly

    Britsh conversion of the American Sherman mounting the powerful 17pdr AT gun. Exported to friendly nations at the end of WW2. (Penny is for scale, sorry you do not get a free penny with this)