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    • Accessories , New releases

      Soviet vehicle HMGs (3x strip of 4)

      3 strips of 4 HMG to add extra detail to models. 1mm peg on base. (Requires model to be drilled, some modelling skill required)

    • Soviet Union WW2

      Soviet Maxim gun teams

      The main sustained fire machine gun of the Soviet army in WW2 and an iconic design. 3 teams of 3

    • Soviet Union WW2

      76mm ZIS-3 Divisional gun and crew (1x gun deployed, 1x gun on tow)

      Manufactured from 1941 the ZIS-3 divisional gun gave admirable service during WW2 and the Korean and Vietnam wars. It was significantly lighter than other contempory designs and proved a capable AT gun and artillery piece.


    • Soviet Union WW2 , United States WW2

      SEEP Amphibious jeep x1 on land and x1 waterline

      Approximately 3000 amphibious jeeps were constructed during WW2, they were used by the US army in North africa and Italy but proved unpopular due to their size and weight. Most were sent to the USSR under the lend-leasse scheme. The Soviet army liked them as the east had poorly maintained roads and many water ways to cross. The Soviet union …

    • Soviet Union WW2

      Soviet tank riders

      Due to a lack of armoured transport for Soviet infantry in support of tanks, troops took to riding into battle on the back of the tanks. They would descend from the tanks into combat with the enemy. This pack contains 6 clusters of troops riding into battle (tanks not included)

    • Soviet Union WW2

      Soviet Assault Engineers WW2 (x10)

      Soviet assault engineers where specialists trained to overcome fortifications and defences. They characteristically wore heavy steel body armour to protect them from shrapnel and SMG bullets. 10 figures from 3 poses; flamethrower, satchel charge and SMG.


    • Soviet Union WW2

      Soviet SMG sections, WW2 (x20)

      As World War 2 progressed the Soviet Union began to deploy companies and sometimes whole Battalions equiped with SMGs such as the PPSH, replacing all rifles. This gave such units tremendous firepower at close range. Squads still retained the DP28 LMG to give supporting fire.   20 figures are picked from 7 poses to form approximately 2 sections.

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Union WW2

      JS-3 Heavy Tank

      Heavy tank developed form the JS-2 incorporating strikingly modern and improved armour and the “frying pan” turret that came to be used on many Soviet tanks designs over the next 50 years. There is still debate on whether this tank saw action in WW2, the general opinion is it missed action in Europe only arriving in time for the victory …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991


      Armoured scissor bridge built on the T55 chassis. Used by most Warsaw Pack nations and Soviet supported nations. Used by Syria in the Golan attack in 1973.

      The tank can be built with the bridge folded or as 2 seperate items, bridge and tank.

      This is a multipart kit requiring some modelmaking skill

    • Soviet Union WW2 , United States WW2

      M17 AA halftrack

      AA halftrack used by many Allied forces during WW2 including? USSR

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Union WW2


      With it’s powerful 100mm D10S gun this late war tank destroyer went on to take part in many postwar conflicts up to the 1970s including the 6 Day War and Yom Kippur

    • Soviet Union WW2

      ZIS5 Radio truck

      Radio communications vehicle used by HQ units

    • Soviet Union WW2

      Zis5 with Maxim Quad AA

      Zis truck with quad maxim MMGs fixed to the back in AA role. This was used throughout WW2.

    • Soviet Union WW2

      ZIS5 truck with canvas

      Soviet 3t truck and tow vehicle used throughout WW2

    • Soviet Union WW2

      GAZ67 jeep (x2)

      Soviet built “jeep” used in relatively small numbers as a command and liaison vehicle (2 models included)

    • Soviet Union WW2

      BA 64 (x2)

      4×4 Light armoured car and liaison vehicle (2 models included) used by USSR upto mid 1950s many exported.

    • Soviet Union WW2


      Light weight SPG based on the T70 light tank chassis developed in 1943. This formed a useful support weapon capable of artillery and AT fire. It proved very mobile, often able to cross ground other vehicles could not. It was still in service during the Korean and Vietnam wars going on with some nations into the late 1970s.

    • Soviet Union WW2


      Effective mid-war tank destroyer based on the T34 hull mounting an 85 AA gun. This became obsolete when a new turret developed for the T34-85 gave the tank the same fire power. This prompted the development of the SU-100 in 1944.

    • Soviet Union WW2


      Late war Soviet light tank

    • Soviet Union WW2


      1941 version of the legendary T34 with hexagonal turret and improved 76mm gun

    • Soviet Union WW2

      Katyusha BM13-20

      “Little Katy” mass produced soviet rocket artillery based on the Zis 6 truck, able to launch 20 rockets in a few seconds and relocate

    • Soviet Union WW2


      Soviet heavy tank introduced 1944 to counter Axis vehicles such at the Tiger and Panther.

    • Soviet Union WW2


      Medium tank developed 1943 and still found in some reserve forces around the world