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  • Germany , New releases

    SdKfz 250/9 20mm cannon recce.

    The Sdkfz 250/10 Recce light half track Panzer Recce companies. This version was designed as a more mobile replacement for the Sdkfz 222 armoured car. The Neu version was manufactured from 1943 and used a simpler armour configuration that was much easer to manufacture and provided more space in the vehicle.

  • Germany , New releases

    Hannomag SdKfz 251/1 ausf C Half track and passengers

    The Hannomag 251/1 half track designed to transport a 10 man Panzer Grenadier squad into battle protected against bullets and shell splinters.

    This model represents the standard 251/1 troop transport. There where 22 variants built to cover many specialist roles such as anti tank, artillery and engineering. The basic platform went through several improvements this is the C model, produced in …

  • Germany , New releases

    Opel Blitz 3t with Flak 38 20mm cannon AA

    General purpose 3t truck used as light AA protection. Mounting light AA guns “portee” increased mobilty and saved wear and tear towing them.

  • Germany , scale 10mm

    Opel Blitz 3t canvas

    General purpose 3t truck used on all fronts for troop and supply movement