Jaguar 2 (RaketenJagdPanzer)


The Raketenjagdpanzer was developed along with the gun armed KononeJagdPanzer. The Anti-tank missile allowed tanks to be attacked at greater ranges but early versions were slow firing and unable to engage close targets. This model represents the Jaguar 2 varient using the American TOW missile system from 1983 onwards.


casement layout followed the very successful designs of WW2: the Stug, Jagdpanzer and Jagdpanther.  It was highly mobile with a low profile but the gun had limited traverse, excellent for ambush. With a crew of 4 it remained in service with reserve units until 1991 by which time the 90mm gun was obsolete.

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Unpainted white metal kit, requires some modelling skill. Caution contains lead and small parts not suitable for young children

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Dimensions 4 cm

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