IDF Paratroopers


Elite IDF Paratrooper infantry with mixed weapons including LMGs and AT team( 20 figures) suitable 1960-80s

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Unpainted white metal kit, requires some modelling skill. Caution contains lead and small parts not suitable for young children

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Dimensions 4 cm

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  • Israel 1948 - 1991

    Israeli Paratroop AT 106mm jeep (x2)

    The M38 Jeep fitted with the American 106mm recoiles gun was used by IDF forces as a mobile support weapon and to provide light forces such as Paratroopers with a stand off anti-tank weapon.

  • Israel 1948 - 1991

    Israeli Paratroop recce jeep (x2)

    The M38 Jeep was widely used by IDF forces as a recon and liaison vehicle. Often seen with the windscreen removed and a camo net across the bonnet for rapid use. There could carry several MGs for defence or hit and run attacks.