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  • Middle East wars , New releases

    Egyptian M4 Sherman + AMX turret

    France developed this upgrade for Egypts sherman tanks it had aquired from Britain after WW2. The FL-10 turret used on the AMX 13 was mated with the Sherman hull to gice more firepower. FL-10 features included; Autoloader for the gun which held 12 rounds in the turret bustle this allowed the crew to be reduced to 4. The gun was …

  • Middle East wars , New releases

    Egyptian T34-100

    The T34-100 was an attempt by the Egypt to extend the life and usefulness of the Russian T34 which they had in abundance. The original turret was cut away and a Soviet 100mm AT gun mounted in a thinly armoured structure. The result was not a great success as it was hard to hide and very vulnerable

  • Cold war , Israeli

    Makmat 160mm Mortar carrier

    Israeli self propelled heavy mortar based on the M4 Sherman chasis. This artillery was used during the Yom Kippur war and Lebanon campaign to provide fire support.  This model can be assemble with front deck open or closed.

  • Cold war , Middle East wars

    ZU 23-2 Anti-aircraft gun (2 pairs)

    This Soviet light AA gun developed in 1955 is also used as a devastating ground support weapon. The twin 23mm cannon are aimed and fired manually. The gun can be towed by jeep, light truck or mounted “portee”  to form a “technical” as often seen in news fotage. Used in dozens of conflicts since the 1950s to the present day. …

  • Cold war , France

    AMX 13-75 light tank

    Introduced in 1952 the AMX 13-75 light tank was used by the French army until the 1980s going through several updates. Other users include: Israel, Nederlands, Belgium, India, Morocco, Lebanon, Peru and Venezuela. Features included; Autoloader for the gun which held 12 rounds in the turret bustle this allowed the crew to be reduced to 3. The gun was rigidly …

  • Cold war , Middle East wars

    Arab 120mm Mortar teams (x3)

    The 120mm PM-43 a Soviet design, copied and used all over the world. Still in use in many nations for it’s hard hitting simplicity. 9 figures and 3 mortars

  • Cold war , Israeli

    BTR-50 PB Armoured Personnel Carrier

    An amphibious armoured personnel carrier based on the successful PT-76 tank hull. The BTR-50 could swim with minimal preparation and offered crew and passengers protection from small arms fire and shell splinters. Early versions were unarmed but an MG was usualy pintle mounted at the front of the crew hatch. Occationally they can be seen with Zis-2 Anti tank guns …

  • Cold war , Middle East wars

    PT-76(b) Amphibious Tank

    Unusual amphibious tank designed for water crosing without preparation. Used by Warsaw Pact forces and allies. Saw action in the Middle east crossing the Bitter lake in the Yom Kippur and saw action at Ben Het in Vietnam, one of the few tank actions of that war.

    Introduced in 1951 and still in service.

  • Cold war , Great Britain

    Sultan FV105

    Command vehicle based on the CVRT range of light fast vehicles introduced to replace armoured cars in the British army from 1973. The command variant has been used by many different branches of the British armed forces, compact and manoeuvrable. Crew 2 plus 3 in the command team.

  • Cold war , Israeli

    IDF Infantry

    Regular IDF infantry wearing US M1 helmet, in light marching order with mixed weapons including FN FAL, LMGs, Uzi and Anti tank ( 20 figures) enough to form approximately 2 squads. Suitable 1960-80s