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    • Germany 1939-45New releases

      Hannomag SdKfz 251/22 Pak40

      The Hannomag 251/22 late production ausf D fitted with a Pak40 anti-tank gun. Apparently not a popular vehicle, because of the limit traverse of the gun, the extra weight and severe recoil

    • Germany 1939-45New releases

      Hannomag SdKfz 251/6 Command

      The Hannomag 251/6 ausf D late war command and communications vehicle. These came in 4 sub types depending on the command level and radio fit. This shows the awning partly deployed to shelter the radios from the weather, often seen in photos.

    • Germany 1939-45New releases

      Tiger 1 (late version – Wittman)

      Late model Tiger 1 modelled on 101st SS Heavy Tank Battalion vehicles encountered in Normandy. The tank ace Michael Wittman commanded one in 1944. Steel wheels, extra track armour and low profile cupola. Can be modelled with commander or closed down.

    • Germany 1939-45New releases

      Tiger 1 (mid)

      The legendary German heavy tank, this model represents a mid-production version with “dustbin” cupola and rubber road wheels. Suitable for 1942-3. Can be modelled with commander or closed down

    • NetherlandsNew releases

      Dutch command (5x officers 5x radio)

      Dutch command teams, can be used as is or mixed in with other figures

    • NetherlandsNew releases

      Dutch FN MAG MG team (x3)

      Dutch sustained fire MG teams with FN MAG

    • France, Cold War 1945-91Netherlands

      120mm RT Mortar (1x towed 1x firing)

      French 120mm RT heavy mortar, a rifled mortar capable of accurate fire out to 8km. In service with many nations including France, Netherlands, Belgium and the USA. The mortar is towed by locking a hitch into its barrel. (1x towed 1x firing with crew)

    • France, Cold War 1945-91Netherlands

      AMX 13-105 light tank

      Introduced in 1957 the AMX 13-105 light tank was sold to the Netherlands (1961-83)and Argentina. The CN-105mm gun gave the AMX significantly more punch and wider selection of Ammunition. Crew 3

    • NetherlandsNew releases

      M113 C&V

      A compact Command and Reconnaissance vehicle base on components from the M113 APC known as the M113 C&V in Dutch service. Initial Dutch models carried the 50 cal HB Browning on the commanders cupola and a side hatch for fast entry and exit. In 1974 the fleet was upgraded with a 25mm Oerlikon cannon turret. It was now able to …

    • CanadaNew releases

      Lynx M113 C&R

      Known as the Lynx in Canadian service the M113 C&R was a compact Command and Reconnaissance vehicle base on components from the M113 APC. Crew 3, armed with a .50 cal. Browning MG for defence.

    • NetherlandsNew releases

      YP408 TOW ATGM

      Dutch YP-408 8×6 wheeled APC based on DAF running gear. 750 were produced in the 1960s and it remained in service until 1987. Crew 2+10. A number of variants were produced including: Command version with additional radios and map tables, Unarmed ambulance, and TOW missile armed AT version. Used by Nederlands, Portugal and Suriname