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    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      2S3 Akatsiya 152mm SPG

      The 2S3 entered service with the Soviet Army in 1971 going on to serve with most of the Wasaw Pact armoured divisions  with over 2000 produced.

      The D20 152 artillery peice was mated with a the mobile GM chasis and 520hp engine, allowing it to keep pace with Armoured formations. Unlike many soviet designs the 2S3 was not amphibious. The design …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      100mm T12 anti-tank gun

      T12 100mm smoothbore anti-tank gun, the Soviet Union continued to use and develop AT guns when most countries had given up the idea. These 3ton, 10m long monsters needed to be towed by the tracked MT-LB or large all terrain truck. The T12 gun saw use in the Arab Israeli conflicts and can still be found in armies around the …

    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991


      Soviet Infantry Fighting Vehicle developed in the light of experience in the YomKippur war of 1973. The BMP-1 performance showed certain weaknesses that the BMP-2 was designed to correct.  The 1 man GROM gun turret was replaced with a 2 man turret with a powerfull 30mm autocannon which could be could be used again a variety of targets. The Sagger …

    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      LUAZ 467 Amphibious jeep (x2)

      This “bath-tub” type amphibious runabout was used across Warsaw Pact forces, especially airborne units. It could be used for: casualty evacuation (2 stretcher cases), scouting or liaison duties. It has a central driving position with 2 folding seats behind, but can be seen loaded with 5 troops.  A similar concept to the American amphibious jeep and VW 166 Schwimmwagen.

      2 models …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      KMT-5 Mine roller

      Soviet forces were equiped with mine clear equipment at company level, 1 in 10 tanks having it’s own mine clearing roller/plough. This model represents the KMT-5 model which was developed in the 1950s and is sill in use in various forms. The model can be used with Red3’s T54/55, T62 or T64 (tank models not included)

    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      Spetsnaz, SVD Paratroopers 1960-80s (x20)

      These represent soviet troops in beret, suitable for various Spetnaz; paratroopers, marines or internal security forces from 1960-80s.  20 figures picked from 8 poses to form approximately 2 sections. Includes a radioman and observer.

    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      BRM-K1 (Recce BMP-1 with radar)

      Based on the BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, this reconnaissance vehicle has built in ground radar and a extra radio equipment. A larger turret with a manualy loaded GROM 73mm gun. This new turret allowed room for the commanded and better optics. The crew consist of: Driver, gunner commander and 3 technicians.

    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      MT-LB “Storm” ATGM carrier

      Using the “Spiral” ATGM this vehicle has autoloading system where the firing post folds back into the body collecting a missile from the internal magazine, then returns to the firing position. This give the vehicle a very low profile. Based on the MT-LB multipurpose chasis. Used by the Soviet Union and Warsaw pact forces

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      Gopher/9K35 SAM system

      Strela 10 missile system version of the MT-LB, this started to replace the Strella BRDM-2 from 1976.  It had an improved missile sytem,  better cross country performance and larger missile capacity. This tracked hull allowed the SAM system to keep pace with armoured units. They are normaly paired with the Shilka SPAAG

      Used by the Wasaw pact and many international customers

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      MT-LB APC & Artillery tractor

      Multi-function vehicle used as: an APC, Command post and tractor for T12 AT gun and 120mm Mortar. The would be the normal tractor in armoured units and BMP bases infantry formations. As an APC it could carry 2 crew and upto 11 passengers. It mounts a single MG for defence

    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991


      The T64 represented a major technical advance with it’s small size and very low profile with heavy armour. The autoloader reduced the crew to 3. A powerful smoothbore 125mm gun with sophisticated fire control, some versions were able to launch the Kobra ATGM from the gun. It was also the first soviet tank to have a powerful compact multifuel powerpack. …

    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      Soviet Command teams (officers x5 radiomen x5)

      The Soviet officer figure and radioman, these can be used as is, or mixed in with other figures.


    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      Soviet AGS-17 Grenade launcher teams(3) and Grail MANPAD gunners(3)

      These represent support teams of the then unique AGS-17 automatic 30mm grenade launcher and Grail shoulder launched SAM missile. (9 figures in all)


    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      Spigot/Spandrel ATGM teams (x3)

      These represent the 2nd generation ATGMs similar to the French Milan and US TOW systems. The Spigot AT4 and Spandrel AT5 used the same launcher and are virtualy identical in size. These began replacing Sagger in frontline Soviet units during the 1970s and have been exported world wide.


    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      Soviet class 2 Anti Tank teams (SPG-9 recoiless Rifle x2, Sagger ATGM x3)

      These represent older anti tank weapons that would still be in numerous units up to the 1980s.  The early Sagger ATGM had a weakness in that it required range and time to get the missile on track, so infantry needed an intermediate ranged weapon such as the 73mm SPG-9 recoiless rifle to fill the gap. Pack contains 3x Sagger teams …

    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      Soviet sustained fire MG teams x3

      Soviet MG teams, sustained fire PK MG suitable for Motor rifle Battalions.

    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      Soviet 120mm Mortar teams (x2)

      The Soviet 120mm PM-43 Mortar. Used by Soviet and Warsaw Pact Motor Rifle Battalions. In BTR units the mortar was towed by truck, such as the GAZ66, BMP units used the MT-LB as a tractor vehicle.  Still in use in many nations for it’s hard hitting simplicity. 6 figures and 2 mortars firing and 2 packed up for towing

    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      BMD-1 Paratrooper MICV

      Soviet air transportable Mechanisned Infantry Combat Vehicle. This unique lightweight aluminium vehicle was built for the Soviet Paratroop Force or VDV.  It is parachuted into action with the commander and driver on board. They then drive the vehicle to pick up the other 4 members of the crew.  Approximaty one third of a paratroop unit could be mounted this way …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      GAZ 66 and Twin 23mm cannon technical

      This rugged 2t truck has been exported around the globe with many appearing in the news as “technicals” locally modified with heavy weapons such as the ZU 23-2 twin 23mm cannon with 2000rpm rate off fire. This combination forms an effective and cheap weapons system for regular and irregular forces. The Soviet truck was designed and built in 1966, since …

    • Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      Soviet Motor Rifle Infantry 1960-80s (x20)

      Buy the 1960s almost all Soviet infantry was motorised and had become “Motor Rifles” carried into battle in one of the BTR’s or a BMP’s. These are depicted wearing the Ssh 68 helmet, Kirza jackboot and light marching order.  The troops are armed with: AK47 rifle, PK MG, Draganov sharpshooter rifle and RPG-7. the 20 figures are picked from 8 …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      ZU 23-2 Anti-aircraft gun (2 pairs)

      This Soviet light AA gun developed in 1955 is also used as a devastating ground support weapon. The twin 23mm cannon are aimed and fired manually. The gun can be towed by jeep, light truck or mounted “portee”  to form a “technical” as often seen in news fotage. Used in dozens of conflicts since the 1950s to the present day. …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      2S1 Gvozdika 122mm SPG

      Bulky amphibious self-propelled artillery, designed to keep pace with fast moving armoured formations. Developed in the late 1950s and entering service with the USSR in 1960. This succesful design is still in service around the world and has been updated several times. In Warsaw pack service it was often found near the front line giving direct fire support.

      Used by both …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Israel 1948 - 1991

      BTR-50 PB Armoured Personnel Carrier

      An amphibious armoured personnel carrier based on the successful PT-76 tank hull. The BTR-50 could swim with minimal preparation and offered crew and passengers protection from small arms fire and shell splinters. Early versions were unarmed but an MG was usualy pintle mounted at the front of the crew hatch. Occationally they can be seen with Zis-2 Anti tank guns …

    • Arab States 1948-1991 , Soviet Eastern Block 1945-1991

      PT-76(b) Amphibious Tank

      Unusual amphibious tank designed for water crosing without preparation. Used by Warsaw Pact forces and allies. Saw action in the Middle east crossing the Bitter lake in the Yom Kippur and saw action at Ben Het in Vietnam, one of the few tank actions of that war.

      Introduced in 1951 and still in service. (waterline version available)